Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Cubbin Theatre Company makes quality, playful theatre for the very young.

Cubbin Theatre Company has been created from a desire to develop genuine theatre works for children under the age of 5.

The importance of respect and play is prevalent in our company's model, not only as a professional business, but as creators of engaging art. The founding members of Cubbin Theatre Company are all professional theatre practitioners and our collaborators have been carefully selected for their expertise and unique contribution to the shows we will create.  

We want our performances to be the addition to your day that brings you back to the wonder that is your little one. We want our shows to resonate with both the adult and the child. We want to give you a few moments of enchantment that will last a life time.

Cubbin theatre company guitar music for children

Our Vision

A world where high quality art is as integral to early childhood as the playground, and as accessible.

Our Purpose

To delight and intrigue very young audiences through exceptional, creative theatre experiences.